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Awesome Designs

The design of your website is the most important feature. If you don’t have a site that is well designed, it doesn’t matter how well it functions or how low the prices of your products and services are.

Our designs make people want to stay and interact with your site, leading to more revenue.

There is a science behind great website design and that is UX/UI design: -UX = User Experience involves a person’s emotions and attitudes about a particular product, system or service. A great UX design helps customers and clients form an emotional connection with your business and want to experience more which will promote the purchase products or services.

-UI = User Interface is all about making your site and system easy to use and interact with. The simpler it is for a customer and client to navigate, buy, get information and learn about your services, the more revenue your website can generate for your business.

You will love what we design for your beautiful website.

Exceptional Builds

Ever heard of that phrase “this house has great bones”? Well, the sites we build all have “Great Bones”, which means they have great infrastructure.

Our builds are completed with speed in mind. From the beginning of the build, we ensure that we are building a fast site. The faster your site is, the more people will visit, they will browse more pages, which leads to more revenue for your business.

We also make sure everything works seamlessly.

Need an e-commerce site? We can make sure everything from inventory tracking to order processing is running perfectly.

Running a restaurant? We will make sure your order processing is working great.

Own a service company? we can help you make more appointments online, so your staff has to take fewer scheduling calls. Just about anything you need, we can build it for you.

best web development services
Website Maintenance Services

Expert Maintenance

Regular website maintenance is important.

You want a fast and responsive team to help with any issues that might arise.

The last thing you want is your site to be down for a day or so, while you are waiting on someone to fix a problem.

We will continue our great customer service you have experienced from the design and build of your site and continue to help maintain your site optimally.

Internet Marketing Services

Efficient Marketing

Now that your site is beautiful and running on all cylinders, you need people to know about your site.

Now that your site is beautiful and running on all cylinders, you need people to know about your site.

. We are seasoned in many different ways to market your site, products and services:

SEO (search engine optimization)

This is a way to help your business get noticed if someone does an online search through a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This is a long-term strategy. SEO takes time, but pays off big in the end for long lasting results.

Example – You have a health food store. We will help you show up on the page if someone does a Google, Bing, yahoo search for “health food store”

Shopping on Google and Bing (for e-commerce):

This is where we can list your products specifically on shopping ads on Google and Bing.

Example – Someone searches for “Almond Flour”. Google and Bing will show Almond Flours and prices from different stores.

Ads on Google and Bing (all business types):

-This is similar to SEO, except these are paid ads.

Example – When you search for something on Google, some of the results will say “Ad” in front of the web address, usually at top of search results. These are the paid ads. The other search results are non-paid results that can be generated by SEO work.

Social Media:

We are seasoned in getting the word out about your business and products through social media.

Example – We can post for your business as frequently as you wish. We can do daily posts, weekly, etc. We can also help you with the social media ads. We can tailor a social media strategy that meets your needs.

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There ARE customers that are more likely to purchase from a company that also has
their own great looking website.

Your own site can also give you another platform to sell more merchandise.